Every Gift Counts for Jesus and The Ministry.

Our registered non-profit organisation depends on donations from people like yourself.

Together we are making a difference by providing for those in need, to
Build Stronger Lives, Encourage Community while Sharing God’s Love and
Abundant Life through Jesus Christ.

If you like to volunteer, please contact our office. You also have the option to
support in the following ways:

  • Feature your business on our website
  • As a Monetary Donor

In appreciation for your support, we would like to send you one of the books featured
on the right of this page. We look forward to your faithful and generous support.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Eternity Club Ministries
5608 Inman Avenue
BC, Canada V5H 2L7
Tel: 1(604) 437-5500
Fax: 1(604) 437-3260

Alternatively, e-mail us by completing the form below. Thank you.

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Suggested: CAD$ 20.00

Hannah Whitall Smith

Suggested: CAD$ 20.00

Helen C.D. 


Suggested: CAD$ 25.00